Keeping tabs on your backups enables you to ensure your backup operations are running efficiently. Having a good oversight over your backups also helps you to discover failures on time and institute remediation processes to fix them. The question is, do you monitor your backups manually or with software?

Over the years, MSPs rely on manual backup checking to manage client data. Today, a lot has changed. Companies utilise backup monitoring software to track backup operations and control various systems from a single dashboard. The software automates the monitoring processes and compiles alerts from backup products into comprehensive reports.

Manual backup checking is inefficient and comes with some disadvantages. As a result, it’s advisable to replace manual monitoring with third-party backup checking software. In this article, we’ve explained how Alert Centric, a backup monitoring software, can replace manual backup checking for MSPs.

Why you should replace manual backup checking

Do your backup admins still run manual checks? If yes, there is a better way! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should replace manual monitoring.

Inefficient use of time

Manual checking is time-consuming. Backup admins spend many hours sifting through alerts and checking the backup status report. It’s more laborious and time-consuming for MSPs that use multiple backup products. In such companies, backup admins have to analyse notifications from different products. It takes a lot of unproductive time!

Backup admins have more things to track now than before. So, manual checking is no longer suitable. On the other hand, backup checking software compiles alerts from backup products and provides insightful reports to admins. 

The solution is to integrate all your backup applications with backup checking software and keep an eye on reports from a single dashboard. A backup monitoring tool helps you to keep tabs on your backups while using hours spent on manual checking to run other important tasks.

Human error

Having a lot of notifications to sort per day makes manual checking overwhelming and prone to human errors.

Vague backup status report

While some backup products offer reporting features, they vary in readability and level of detail. Some provide vague reports that are difficult to interpret. In addition, even when the reporting is readable, they may lack some details necessary for remediation. This makes it difficult to track failures and identify backup failure patterns or trends.

In a nutshell, manual backup checking is not suitable for MSPs that want efficiency and comprehensive insight into their backups.

That said, let’s take a look at how Alert Centric, a backup monitoring & reporting software, can replace manual backup checking and help you keep track of your backups while providing insights into the blind spots.

How MSPs can replace manual backup monitoring with Alert Centric

Alert Centric is backup monitoring software that enables you to seamlessly manage a diverse range of backup applications and gain visibility into your customers’ environments with ease. This tool automatically monitors backup and any failures across a large number of vendors for engineers to resolve.

Using this monitoring tool, you can minimise the risk from failed customer backups and ensure your backups are working, even across multiple different backup systems and platforms. 

Now, let’s delve into the things you can accomplish while utilising the software.

Monitor backup completion status

The tool automatically monitors backup completion status and notifies the administrators accordingly. Unlike manual monitoring where the administrator has to go through loads of notifications from backup services, the software tracks a history of backup successes and failures and presents the reports in an easy to analyse summary.

Receive automatic notifications

One of the challenges MSPs face is not being able to discover a backup failure on time. However, our monitoring tool solves the problem. It offers real-time monitoring features like failure and threshold alerts. Backup administrators get notified as soon as things go wrong. This enables them to begin a remediation process immediately.

Receive file-level backup reports

Best of all, it allows the tracking of specific data sets. The software monitors, reports and keeps a history of specific failure at the file or system object level. This gives MSPs a detailed overview of all files, shows trends, and enables them to institute remediation processes to address failures.

Decrease the amount of time to complete backup checks

As noted above, manual backup checking takes a lot of time. MSPs can gain more productive hours with Alert Centric. The software automates backup monitoring and allows administrators to keep tabs on backups from the application’s interface. You can dramatically decrease the amount of time it takes to run checks.

Reduce human error

Another important downside of manual backup monitoring is human error. Running backup checks manually predisposes the whole process to mistakes. With the software, you can automate the backup monitoring process and minimize errors significantly.

Integrate with all backup vendors

No matter the backup applications you’re using, you can integrate with them and run backup checks effortlessly. It’s easy to manage a range of backup applications using the software. ConnectWise and Autotask integrations are available to help you automate your backup checks further.

Never miss a backup again

Alert Centric provides all the features you need to monitor your backup operations. It comes with a fully customisable easy-to-use interface to enable you to configure the dashboard according to your needs. From the dashboard, you will have a clear understanding of how your backups are doing – with reports that enable you to take the right remediation steps.

Try it yourself and sign-up for a free trial today.