We’re excited to announce the re-launch of Alert Centric. Check out the below for more information.

New Management

You may have seen the notice posted a few months ago about Alert Centric closing its doors. Since that time Alert Centric has been acquired by a private equity group that specializes in the IT industry and understands the importance of a platform like this one.

This means that we now have immediate access to a full development and marketing team as well as a wider range of resources for long term stability and growth.

New Brand

The Alert Centric brand has gone through an overhaul with an updated public image and website. We’re excited to release the new website with a fresh new look which you can expect to see today!

Modern User Interface

You’ll notice after today when logging into Alert Centric that the platform has a fresh new look. Don’t worry, under the hood hasn’t been changed and is still as great as ever, with a few new features added.

New Features

The biggest question we’ve received over the past has been to implement a dashboard that shows everything at a glance. I’m proud to confirm that this will be released at the same time as the new user interface!

In addition we’re also releasing a referral program that will allow you to earn recurring payments up to 25% commission of any referrals for the lifetime of that subscription.

Upcoming Features & Updates


We’re a huge believer in feedback! We’ve implemented a feedback tool directly on the page that can be used to let us know any features or improvements you’d like to see.

Whether you’re using Alert Centric, tried it out in the past or have just been looking for something to help you never miss a backup again, I encourage you to take a look at the new changes and let us know if you have any questions.