Configuring Email Notifications:


  1. Navigate to [Setup]  [Notifications]  [Email Notification] and here you will be able to specify which notifications you would like to receive by email.
  2. You can choose to enable a daily digest status report at a specific time or even immediately after a specific operation is completed (Emails will be sent a minimum of 5 minutes apart and multiple notifications may be grouped into one email). You can choose to queue these notifications and get one daily email too.
  3. Once you have enabled your preferred options, you need to configure your SMTP mail server settings. For Gmail and O365, TLS is used in this case, so port 587 needs to be used, alongside the username and password. 
  4. The [From Address] can be any address you prefer the notifications to be sent from. Then enter the [Recipients] you’d like to receive the email notifications. If you would like to have multiple recipients, simply separate them with a comma.

Please note that if your mail server is using 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) you will need to make use of an app password. More information on that here.

  1. Then click on [Send Test Email] to ensure that the settings entered are correct. If you are not receiving the test email, take a look at the steps here.

Finally, click [Save Changes]

Configuring Event Log Notifications

Navigate to [Setup]  [Notifications]  [Event Log Notifications]

These are enabled by default and it’s recommended to leave them enabled. You can use the checkboxes if you would like to disable entries being added for specific/all operations into your event log.

You can find a complete list of event ID’s Altaro VM Backup logs in your event log here. These can be used especially if you have another software monitoring the event logs to raise tickets for instance for your internal support team.

If you need any further assistance in configuring your backup software, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]