Important Notes


Run Tasks before and/or after Backup – Comodo Backup allows you to run specific tasks before and/or after every manual or scheduled backup.

For example, you may want to run your virus scanner before backing up to avoid potential infection of the destination folder. You can even mount an unmounted drive partition before backup to enable storing the backup file in the partition and unmount the partition on completion of the backup process by running a batch file with a list of corresponding Windows commands, playing music files to indicate the start and/or completion of the backup operation, etc. 

You can also verify the backup job after it is created and choose to shut down after the backup job is completed. 

To run a task before a backup operation 

1. Select the ‘Run task before backup’ checkbox and click ‘Browse’.

2. Navigate to the location of the file to be executed and click ‘OK’. 

3. Select the checkbox ‘Wait for the task to complete if you want CBU to wait until the selected task is to be completed before executing the backup job. Leaving this box unchecked makes CBU start the backup operation before the completion of the selected task. • Repeat the same procedure for running a task after backup.

If you need any further assistance in configuring your backup software, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]