Important Notes


  1. Log in to the using the User ID (Guarantor ID) (e.g. 99999999@gr).
  2. A message that prompts you to register the email address for notifications is displayed if it is not set. Select [Register].If [I do later] is selected, the message is displayed again when the user logs in to the system next time or goes back to the top page. This message is no longer displayed after registering the email address for notifications.
  3. The screen for setting the email address for notifications appears. Enter the notification email address, the email address for notifications (for confirmation), and the current password (the initial password or the password set by you), and then click [OK]. You cannot set the Keio ID (e.g. [email protected]) here.

If you need any further assistance in configuring your backup software, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]