Important Notes


Enable Notifications

These options allow you to determine whether desktop and/or email notifications are enabled.Show desktop notifications – Requires installation of the SQL Backup Master product tray notification icon.Send email notifications – Requires Mail Server configuration for SMTP transport.Send Notifications OnFull backups – Send notifications when full backups succeed and/or fail.Differential backups – Send notifications when differential backups succeed and/or fail.Transaction log backups – Send notification when transaction log backups succeed and/or fail.Notification SettingsFrom name – Specifies the “from name” used when composing notification emails. This field can be left blank if desired.From address – Specifies the “from” address used when composing notification emails. If this is left blank, the first recipient email address will be used.Email subject – Click the Edit button to customize the outbound notification email subject line to suit your preferences.Recipient(s) – The email address(es) of the notification recipient(s). If you wish to enter multiple email addresses, separate them with a comma.Send failure notifications separately – Use this option to send failure (and finished with errors) notifications to a separate email address(es).If you need any further assistance in configuring your backup software, please reach out to our support team at [email protected]