What's New

Dashboard Updates

Filters have been given an upgrade, with new hover over tool tips, updated terminology and a new Disabled function that allows monitoring jobs to be disabled when required (more on that below).

Disabled Monitoring Jobs

One of the most requested features this year has been the ability to disable monitoring for a job while keeping the history and settings in tact. This is now possible! When editing an exiting job, simply select the Disabled option and then save. That job will now be highlighted as Disabled so that you or your engineers can review at a later date.

What's Coming

PSA Integration - ConnectWise & Autotask

Starting with arguably the two most popular PSA systems on the planet, we are currently working with ConnectWise and Autotask to integrate directly into their respective ticketing platforms to further simplify the backup alerts you receive.

Two Factor Authentication

As an additional layer of security, we’re working on implementing Two Factor Authentication natively into Alert Centric and we are aiming to get this live as soon as possible.

Single Sign On - Microsoft & Google

Continuing on with security and simplicity in mind, Single Sign On using Microsoft or Google authentication is also currently under development with testing being completed and an expected release schedule of May this year.