Reports are configured to use the time zone selected on the Settings page in your control panel.

Daily reports are sent at 7:30am in your configured time zone. This cannot be changed at the moment but is on the roadmap for future development.

This show’s all devices that have the latest status as detecting an issue or a warning and hence require a technician’s attention. It also shows if auto forward is enabled for that job and the time of the last notification.

This shows all the devices that alert centric was expecting an email notification within a time frame however didn’t. This happens for any number of reasons such as the client server locked up and didn’t send a notification.

This table shows all devices that did receive emails within expected time and there were no issues i.e most likely successful

As soon as Alert Centric receives an email notification it is processed. If an issue is detected, the original email is forwarded immediately.

Yes; click edit on the device and select “forward email immediately”. (If this option is not selected, no email notification will be forwarded, however the failure will show up on the daily report.)

Yes; on the settings page select “forward only single failure email”. Note that this is a global setting.

Once you have added a group, simply click the “add backup” button.

This is how often Alert Centric is expecting to receive email notifications from that backup job “7 days” for example. The backup sends notifications 7 days a week to Alert Centric.

No; you can only select the predetermined settings. This s a check to make sure the system is receiving notifications regularly for that job. If the system receives a backup failed or warning at any time, it will action it straight away.

In general, you configure your backup products with the default notification settings and set the destination email to the automatically generated email address when you create a “device” to monitor in the console. Also, you can check the guide for each specific product.

Most mainstream products are already added into the system. If a backup product isn’t present, click the “add vendor” button when logged in. This will submit the product to our team and we will perform analysis on the notifications and add it into the system; this usually takes between 24-48 hours. Once a product has been added, it is continually available and updated for all clients across the platform.