The Settings Page

The settings page allows you to control your notification email addresses, time zone and daily report frequency.

Alert Centric Example Settings Page

The Dashboard

The dashboard is your single pane of glass for viewing all backup jobs currently monitored under your account.

From this page, you can create new groups or monitoring jobs, edit and view existing jobs and filter your view using the status icons in the top corner.

Alert Centric Example Dashboard

Adding a New Group

Groups are a folder that can contain jobs related to a specific customer, area or any other sort of category, the choice is yours.

From this page you can create a new group or edit the ones you have already setup.

Alert Centric Example New Group

Adding a New Job

Jobs are the core part of the application. They contain the configuration details for the specific backup job that you’d like to monitor and are placed in groups.

From this page, you can create a new job and configure settings such as the ability to forward emails immediately if a failure occurs.

Alert Centric Example New Job

Configuring Your Backup Client

It’s critically important that you configure your backup client to send it’s default notification alert to Alert Centric instead of a custom one. We work closely with backup vendors around the world to ensure our system is in line with their notification best practices.

In addition to this, we highly recommend configuring one client backup job per Alert Centric monitoring job. This ensures that your reporting is accurate.